"Above the Notch" the book

“Above the Notch” is my new book. It’s purpose is to arouse awareness of the importance that wildlands play in the economic and spiritual value of northern New Hampshire. 

It is this hardscrabble region above the “notches” where people live and work close to their environment that I have come to appreciate as a land apart. This little book is a visual commentary on life above the notches as I see it. More importantly, it is offered as a reminder of the importance of the wildlands inherent in the North Country.

The same impulse that inspired early artists to romanticize the region, and settlers to create trails into the wilderness, drives adventure tourism today. Wild nature, and a yearning for it, infuses life in this land above the notches. Great landscape artists have immortalized it, mountaineers explored it, loggers harvested it, and conservationists worked to preserve it. That work continues. The future of New Hampshire’s North Country lies in the preservation of its wildlands.

This is a 6 x 9 inch landscape formatted book of 60 pages. It is a collection of ninety photographs that includes interspersed short text captions. It is designed to be an affordable retail item.

Fletcher Manley

"Above the Notch"

As a way of using my creative abilities to return something to our "North Country”, I am pleased to partner with Taproot , with its focus on education, environment, and nutrition. Taproot is a regional non-profit organization that will receive accrued profits from the sale of these books.

“Above the Notch” may be purchased through Taproot, 101 Main Street, Lancaster, NH 03584.  https://www.taprootnh.org