"Winter Light" the book

"Winter Light" is a soft cover book of forty photographs exquisitely reproduced by 300-line screen duotone in oblong format 9 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches.

"Anyone who has spent time in the mountains can recall the wonderful feeling of beauty and peace we find in Winter Light and we thank him for sharing these moments with us."

From the introduction by Peter Miller

Growing up among hills and mountains helped shape my appreciation of the vertical landscape. Winter held a particular fascination with its low, glancing light, long shadows, and crisp accentuated textures, where snow sculpted and redefined familiar forms.

So, it was not so much as mountaineer, but more as a rambler among the peaks and valleys, that I came to frame light and shadows, shapes and forms inherent in the mountain landscape.

Whereas the essence of photography is light, the joy of photography, for me at least, is in the looking, and seeing.

The camera serves to fit a frame around a portion of the larger world, to focus our attention, and in a brief moment transfer that vision to a piece of film or a digital chip.

Through these images I wish to share some of my visions of winter light.

Fletcher Manley

"Winter Light",

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